Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR)


7Safe is a CREST registered Cyber Security Incident Response provider

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Why Choose 7Safe’s CSIR Service?

The first and most immediate concerns of managers in this situation are likely to be:

(1) What action needs to be taken?

(2) Who has the proven knowledge and experience required to contain and eradicate the incident?

7Safe provides a Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) service to help your organisation respond to, recover and investigate cyber incidents.

If you can’t contain a cyber breach, we can help you stop the attack and get your operations back up and running as per normal

Or if you have contained the breach, we can help you

  • Identify any other unseen threats / potential breaches
  • Identify and investigate any damage caused by the breach
  • Advise on how to prevent similar attacks/breaches happening again in the future

7Safe is a member of CREST and we apply and adhere to the rigorous CREST standards.

7Safe CSIR services are also designed to work with organisations who have, or have not prepared (Phase 1) for a cyber incident.

Did you know...

In the immediate aftermath of a cyber incident, organisations should assume their whole network has been compromised

and not just those elements that have been identified – forensic experts should be employed to check your network             

How we work

7Safe will deploy incident responders and other cyber security advisers to assist your organisation on request, subject to contract. All 7Safe CSIR teams are led by a highly skilled and experienced digital forensic consultant who has a minimum of 8-years’ experience and a proven track record of conducting cyber forensic investigations, validated by one or more industry certifications.

Before commencing an assignment, we will send you a proposal that will contain the necessary information to enable you to understand our services, including the estimated cost. The proposal will contain authorisation and permission requests for access to information and assets from a recognised authority or permission giver.

Organisations can commission 7Safe CSIR services in one of two ways:

  • Zero-cost framework agreement. Organisations who engage in this way with the 7Safe CSIR approach will have completed Phase 1, with or without 7Safe’s support, and have concluded that they will require additional advanced technical help in some cyber incidents.
  • On request.Organisations who are experiencing a cyber incident, elements of which are beyond the skills and capabilities of their own resource, may request 7Safe assistance.

For more information speak to a trained advisor on +44 (0)870 600 1667 or contact us via the below.

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