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Security Operations Centres (SOCs) 

  • Establish your own in-house SOC with the help of our skilled cyber security consultants
  • Learn what you need to know about information security management systems and technology solutions such as SIEM designed to counter cyber threats and improve response times before procuring a SOC from a third party provider.
  • Identify the core functions of a SOC and choose the best deployment options.

Why Choose 7Safe?

7Safe will help you to identify what you need, what will work in your organisation’s culture and the way to get there. Building a SOC requires collaboration and communication among multiple functions (people), a wide variety of technical security products (technology) and varying processes and procedures (processes), whatever governance frameworks – e.g. ISO 27001, NIST SP 800, ITIL, COBIT, etc – you use.  

Operating best practice in your SOC based on our people, process and technology consultancy, technical services and training results in lower financial losses from compliance failures, and reduces the risk of negative publicity that can harm an organisation. Best practices also make it relatively easy for an organisation’s cyber security to sail through regulatory audits.

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What does a SOC do and why should you establish one?

The key aims of a SOC are:

  • to detect and respond to threats, keeping the information held on systems and networks secure

  • to increase resilience by learning about the changing threat landscape (both malicious and non-malicious, internal and external)

  • to identify and address negligent or criminal behaviours

  • to derive business intelligence about user behaviours in order to shape and prioritise the development of technologies.

Which type of organisations need a SOC? 


The National Cyber Security Centre advises that you might need a SOC if you…

  • are running an online service for the public
  • host a number of sensitive databases which are accessed by staff on your premises, by remote staff, or by customers or partners
  • have several different office locations and a unified security function delivers cost savings
  • share large quantities of sensitive data with other organisations
  • require a single point of visibility for all your threats. 

The NCSC defines a cyber security incident as:

  • A breach of a system’s security policy in order to affect its integrity or availability.
  • The unauthorised access or attempted access to a system.

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Security Operations can involve much more than monitoring systems.

  • What is a cyber security incident?

    The NCSC defines a cyber security incident as:

    • A breach of a system’s security policy in order to affect its integrity or availability.
    • The unauthorised access or attempted access to a system.
  • The Incident Management process: how 7Safe can help

    Incident management is about timely expert advice and onsite technical assistance to identify, halt, remediate or investigate a cyber threat affecting IT and OT systems.

    Our lead investigators each have over 10 years’ experience of digital forensic investigations and will be able to help clients whose own in-house capabilities have been exhausted. Whether it is an ‘infected’ mobile phone or a whole compromised enterprise, we can help you.

  • 7Safe’s comprehensive three-phase CREST-registered Cyber Incident Response (CSIR) service

    This includes advanced technical skills capabilities that will enable your organisation to: 

    1. Identify the cyber security incident
    2. Define objectives and investigate the situation
    3. Take appropriate action in a timely manner
    4. Recover systems, data and connectivity.  

    For more information see Why Choose 7Safe for CSIR or our CSIR Operating Model  with detailed information on how we conduct each CSIR phase as part of our CREST accredited service. This model can incorporated into the design of your Security Operations Centre (SOC) to satisfy incident management requirements. 

​Find out how to set up your own in-house SOC ​by contacting one of our cyber security experts.

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