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Today, there is more data and more data sources than ever before – latest estimates are that 3,000 Exabyte’s of data exist in the world – and there is no sign of this trend slowing.  Coupled with this, there is more intentional and unintentional data sharing and data integration as more people, businesses and governments attempt to realise the full value of data, mostly for the good.  With so much information and implicit value available in these sources and data stores, it is now more important than ever to be able to investigate data/information loss or data/information misuse.

We have a team of experienced consultants and data specialists who can help you investigate any data incident, whether a cyber breach or a review of commercial information as part of a dispute.  Our team use their digital forensic, technical, and commercial knowledge of how data is created, transmitted and stored – as well as hidden, stolen, damaged and misused – to help you with all your digital investigation needs.  

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Device         Investigation

Our specialists and consultants are world leaders in the field of digital forensic investigation. We identify, preserve and analyse any data in any computer, device or network...

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​Cyber          Investigation

The risk of your network being compromised or ‘hacked’ by the presence of malware or by individuals within or outside of your organisation is growing and the technical defence mechanisms relied upon

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Expert                Witness

All our work, whatever the size and goal, is performed to the same evidential rigour and standards required by the criminal courts in the UK.

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All Investigation Services

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DocReview is a quick-to-use, fixed-price, document review service that allows you to filter, search and initiate a review of millions of pages of emails/documents within only a few hours.

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Document Review with RelativityTM

We use the industry leading Relativity eDiscovery platform for large disclosure matters, providing you with all the functionality you need to review, codify, protect and produce electronic documentation.

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NexidiaTM Audio Review

Our audio and video search and review tool  helps you review vast quantities of audio quickly.  Our consultants are experts at fine tuning the “threshold

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All eDiscovery Services

Find out more about all the eDiscovery services we offer

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