DocReviewTM : Fast Identification of Dispute Risk

Secure document review available in 4 hours, at a fixed price, for lawyers and paralegals

DocReview is a quick-to-use, fixed-price, document review service that allows you to filter, search and initiate a review of millions of pages of emails/documents within only a few hours.
The DocReview service has been designed specifically for lawyers and other legal workers who are asked to provide an early “risk of litigation” review when presented with unstructured documents and communications from their clients who are concerned about any emerging dispute within their organisation or with 3rd parties.

Search millions of pages of emails for just £250


'Unknown’ and ‘forgotten’ documents and communications pose the biggest risk to modern organisations

In simple terms, electronically stored information (ESI) is stored in one of two ways; either in a specific format within a pre-defined database or, secondly, in a ‘container’ of some sort that has the ability to store various types and sizes of files. Information that is organised and stored in a database is organised, categorised and very easy to search for – customer records, finance transactions and HR information to name but a few, are all typically stored in databases. However, emails, commercial contracts, policy documents and the like all contain unstructured data – that is to say, words, sentences and paragraphs containing information, agreements, decisions, arbitrary facts and even sentiment that have been handcrafted at some point by an individual. These containers appear in many different guises within an organisation – individual user email accounts; user folders on a file share; SharePoint collaboration spaces; local drives on computers and laptops and Macs to name but a few of the more common ones. The ‘unknown’ and ‘forgotten’ documents and communications container within ESI containers are one of the biggest risks to modern businesses and hence why being able to review the content quickly is important for legal advisors.

Civil disputes, regulatory investigations or employment cases all benefit from DocReview

Ever since corporate use of information technology started in earnest in the 1970s, irrefutable data and information was being created and stored. The present day collaboration and communication systems used by modern organisations provide a plethora of business advantages, but also hide a multitude of risks. The advantages of such mechanisms still outweigh the risks, but being able to quickly and acutely manage the risks when they are realised is key to preventing significant financial loss. Whether those risks are commercial, regulatory or employment based, being able to quickly and accurately scan large volumes of unstructured data is key to minimising the impact of any potential issue.

Use DocReview to get started with reviewing 4GB of unstructured data

DocReview is provided on the world-leading Relativity document review platform so it is able to handle an unlimited amount of your client’s unstructured data . However in most cases, your client will be in their very early stages of their investigation and the important data that you will be asked to review is probably limited to a few key user email or file-share accounts, so perhaps just a couple of gigabytes (GBs). These will usually be delivered to you on a DVD or a USB ‘dongle’. With that in mind, the standard DocReview service is configured to help you review as much data as can be squeezed onto a single-sided DVD – which is a little over 4GB.

Maybe up to 2 million pages of content to review in 4GB of data

People all use email in slightly different ways. Some email users save everything, some delete everything. Some only use email for short messages; some executives manage large commercial contracts in email, making the most of document attachments, pdf scans and other sometimes large file types. Because of this, every email folder we receive contains a widely different number of pages to review. 7Safe research has shown that the ‘average’ number of readable pages in 1GB of email is about ½ million pages – if this was printed, it would create a pile of A4 paper 50 meters high. So 4GB of email is likely to be the equivalent of about 2 million A4 pages.

Technology is essential to help you review 2 million pages of information

With so much unstructured information and data being produced, today’s leading lawyers and paralegals now rely on advanced search technology and artificial intelligence to help them with their early case assessment. Using simple but effective techniques like keyword searching, and date filtering, large information sets can be reduced quite quickly to more manageable sizes. More experienced users then adopt more advanced search techniques such as proximity searches, email threading and near-deduplication, all designed so that they can quickly identify documents of potential relevance and review them.

We need just 4 hours to prepare your data for review

4 hours is not instant but it is pretty fast, remembering that we have to secure your data and prepare it so you can search and review it. Every page of every document, in every zip file or sub folder, attached or embedded in any email in any way will be identified and made searchable. Our method also includes identifying all pdf documents, pictures and any other scanned images that appear to contain text where we will then use the latest optical character recognition technology (OCR) to extract and index the text.

What’s included in the price?

DocReview costs just £250 and includes:

  • secure and accurate preparation of 4GB of data, including OCR'ing and first pass filtering1
  • a standard 1st and 2nd pass review coding layout in RelativityTM
  • x1 month of secure data hosting1
  • x1 secure Relativity reviewer licence1
  • access to expert technical document review advice2

Order DocReview Online 

DocReview Online will be available to order in 2016. In the meantime, to start reviewing large volumes of client emails and documents with 4 hours, please call 0207 881 3333 or email us at


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1Additional data/time/reviewers can be added at any time

2Additional advice may be charged – Request DocReview’s full terms and conditions via email here