Document Review - with RelativityTM


…and it costs less than 30 minutes of an Associate’s time

DocReview is a quick-to-use, fixed-price, document review service that allows you to search and review thousands of client emails/ documents (up to 4GB) within 4 hours of request.

DocReview is ideally suited as either an Early Case Assessment (ECA) tool or a small case, full review service tool. DocReview is provided on kCura’s RelativityTM review platform and made available to you through 7Safe’s secure online portal removing the need for you to handle, prepare and host the data on your own systems.

What’s included in the price?

  • data preparation (data processing/
  • OCR’ing/keyword filtering)
  • a standard 1st and 2nd pass review
  • coding layout in RelativityTM
  • x1 month data hosting reviewing time*
  • x1 Relativity reviewer licence*

*additional time/reviewers can be added at any time

Want to try it?

Call: +44 (0)207 881 3333 or email: