Professional Development and Training

Our courses are all taught by practising consultants to individuals and companies from all industry sectors, including UK Government law enforcement agencies and even our competitors.

Accredited by CREST and the IISP they offer current, relevant skills that can be readily transferred to your work place, as well the back-up of joining our exclusive Alumni Network.


IISP Accredited Training


New for 2016 - 7Safe's Cyber Development Training Prospectus 

Find the right course for you by ​viewing our training prospectus here

View our training prospectus to find advanced skills training programmes and professional cyber development for current and future security professionals in:

  • Ethical hacking (penetration testing)
  • Digital forensics
  • Cyber incident response
  • Information security
  • Software security

Why Train with 7Safe?

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Security Awareness Training Courses

According to the 2014 Information Security Breaches Survey the cost of a cyber security incident often now reaches six-figures, without accounting for any

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Onsite Training

In addition to our publically scheduled courses delivered at our training centre in Melbourn, Cambridge, we can deliver our technical training courses, security awareness training or bespoke digital security training programmes

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Postgrad Qualifications

7Safe partners with De Montfort University (DMU) to provide a Postgraduate-level information security qualification, namely the MSc in Professional Practice in Digital Forensics and Security.

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Training ​           Calendar

Find the right course for you from our upcoming schedule of leading information security courses

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Industry     Accreditations

Our training courses have been independently assessed and accredited by CREST and IISP. We believe that this third-party accreditation is essential for our clients to enable them to reduce their risk and save time and cost when selecting a training supplier.

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Career                Pathways

Information security is an increasingly prominent and highly regarded profession which offers a variety of career paths. Our range of courses and certifications offer a structured learning path from Foundation to Advanced level in the key topics.

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Training             Passports

Our Training Passports are simply the best and most economical way to get all the training you or your team needs, while at the same time lessening the budgetary burdens or scheduling conflicts that may limit the amount of training that can be undertaken.

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Resellers and Training Partners

7Safe has many successful and long-standing reseller partnerships. Our reseller programme offers resellers generous discounts, support, and access to our comprehensive portfolio of cyber security training courses.

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Current Offers and Payment ​Options

Find out about our current offers, payment options and funding assistance including the MOD ELCAS scheme.

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Training             Alumni

Graduating from a 7Safe training course means you're now part of a thriving alumni community making a difference to cyber security across the world. We're incredibly proud of you and hope you feel the same way about us.

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Our Training      Locations

7Safe offers you a wide choice of training venues designed to suit your needs and budget, starting with our flagship ​Cyber Development Centre close to the vibrant City of Cambridge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about our courses

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