Professional Development

Education is the cornerstone of effective security and 7Safe has firmly established itself as a leading professional training provider for cyber security. We offer an unrivalled portfolio of university-and industry- accredited technical training courses and certifications in ethical hacking, digital forensics, software security and information security, as well as a security awareness training programme.

As the pace of IT change continues to accelerate, you and your organisation will need to develop a range of cyber security capabilities and skills required to protect your organisation from reputational and financial loss caused by cyber events. 7Safe offers a portfolio of cyber security training courses which will enable you development your own skills and meet the needs of your entire organisation. 

All our courses are developed, delivered and regularly revised by our expert practicing consultants to reflect the latest developments, techniques, exploits and defensive recommendations – an approach that guarantees up-to-date, highly relevant real-world course content. A notable aspect of our technical courses is their hands-on practical exercises which transfer the skills needed in the workplace. 

7Safe’s publically scheduled technical training courses are delivered from our training centre in Melbourn, Hertfordshire, but can also be delivered onsite. We also have unparalleled experienced of creating and delivering bespoke security training courses and programmes for clients in both the private and public sector, which can either be based on our courses or a client’s specific requirements.

Certified Ethical Hacking Training Courses

Ethical Hacking is the process of legally penetration testing the security of an IT system by looking for weaknesses and vulnerabilities by simulating a malicious attack. 7Safe offers a comprehensive suite of training courses designed to develop the skills and enhance the career of any prospective ethical hacker, pentester or information security professional.

Find out how to develop your skills in the real world of ethical hacking

Certified Digital Forensics Training Courses

Activities, actions and communications, that leave a data trace on the Internet or on a computer or other digital device, mean that a digital footprint now features in just about every part of our personal and business lives. As authors of the ACPO Guide for Computer Based Electronic Evidence Handling, we are uniquely positioned to offer a range of courses detailing how to conduct forensic investigations, manage during or after a cyber incident, and perform malware investigations on a variety of platforms and devices.

Gain the skills needed to find and investigate digital evidence

Certified Software Security Training Courses

It is much less expensive to build secure software than to correct security issues after the software has been completed or the costs that may be associated with a security breach. We can train your developers to be better coders and take some of the strain off the rest of the IT team. Throughout the course we will look at examples of the types of flaws that secure coding protects against, examine how the flaw might be exploited and then focus on how these can be addressed to make secure applications.

Help your developers gain the skills to improve your security posture

Information Security Training Courses

Information security is fundamentally about safeguarding information and information systems from unauthorised access, use and disclosure. Our Information Security Training Courses offer individuals and organisations the skills to protect assets, implement ISO27001 and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), achieve compliance and maintain certification.

Learn the skills to progress across a range of information security facets

Security Awareness Training Courses

According to the 2014 Information Security Breaches Survey the cost of a cyber security incident often now reaches six-figures, without accounting for any damage or loss to a company’s reputation which could lead to a further dramatic loss of profit or future business. Educating your workforce and raising user awareness is therefore the first step you need to take to protect your business.

Be prepared by gaining an awareness of the security threats to your organisation

Custom Courses

In addition to our publically scheduled courses delivered at our training centre in Melbourn, Cambridge, we can deliver our technical training courses, security awareness training or bespoke digital security training programmes on client premises or at third party locations, subject to a minimum number of 8 delegates. Our onsite or bespoke tailor-made training solutions are well-suited to those clients who wish to have personalised content and delivery to enhance the business benefits for their delegates. We are happy to collaborate with you to design a solution specific to your needs.

Arrange a bespoke training course designed to benefit your organisation

Postgraduate Qualifications

7Safe partners with De Montfort University (DMU) to provide a Postgraduate-level information security qualification, namely the MSc in Professional Practice in Digital Forensics and Security.

Learn how to attain this Masters-level certification


Our training courses have been independently assessed and accredited by CREST and IISP. We believe that this third-party accreditation is essential for our clients to enable them to reduce their risk and save time and cost when selecting a training supplier. In addition, it provides individuals and organisations with confidence that our training courses are of a high quality.

Find out more about our industry-recognised accreditations

Career Pathways

Information security is an increasingly prominent and highly regarded profession which offers a variety of career paths. Our range of courses and certifications offer a structured learning path from Foundation to Advanced level in the key topics of Ethical Hacking, Digital Forensics and Information Security. In essence, we offer you a formal route to develop a career in cyber security.

Find the right career pathway for you

Funding Assistance and Payment Options

7Safe partners with The Tech Partnership Training Fund to provide funding for employers of up to 50% towards the costs of certain IT training courses, to a maximum of £500 per delegate, including the majority of our cyber security training courses. We are also an ELCAS training provider enabling service leavers to redeem their training credits with us. Our Training Passports and Early Bird discount also offer opportunities to make savings when booking onto our training courses.

Find out if you are eligible for funding and payment benefits on our courses

Resellers and Training Partners

7Safe has many successful and long-standing reseller partnerships. Whether you are a training provider specialising in a different sector, a managed learning service provider, or a pure training reseller, our reseller programme offers resellers generous discounts, support, and access to our comprehensive portfolio of cyber security training courses.

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